Whether it’s for your brand or a private residence, our aim is simple, to bring to life a unique style for your interior projects.

    Interior Photography

    Defining unique styles and creating
    compelling interior photography.

    From concept to execution, we are here to guide you through the full process.
    We have extensive experience in interior photography having worked with furniture companies, magazines and boutique hotels for over 10 years. Keeping your overall vision and objectives in mind, we take care of the complete production from start to finish.
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    Working with talented interior stylists bringing creative ideas to life.
    It’s all about creating a coherent concept, one that answers to your marketing objectives. Our art-director and interior stylists research the quintessential locations, create moodboards to gather creative ideas and color schemes to set the perfect mood.
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    We deliver high quality images ready to use for print, marketing campaigns and e-commerce platforms.

    We have a dedicated team in charge of everything related to photo manipulations and retouching: Removing disturbing elements, altering colors, adjusting the background, merging multiple images, adding objects, etc.

    Our domains of expertise
    within interior photography

    Showcase your product

    Furniture and Homeware Photography

    Showcase your product

    Furniture and Homeware Photography

    Our aim is to deliver compelling and enticing imagery, promoting your furniture collection and household items with quality product photography and/or videography. Working together with (y)our interior stylist, we create an inviting visual story that not only highlights the product features, but also the personality of your brand. We take care of the full production including creative direction, location hunting, interior styling, planning and post-production.
    Capturing the essence

    Hospitality Photography

    Capturing the essence

    Hospitality Photography

    We are specialised in photographing luxury boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts and private properties for holiday rental. We do this worldwide and make sure to always cover interior, exterior and environmental photography in all our projects. We strongly believe that the heart and soul of a hotel is in the small details. It is crucial to correctly portray this essence, these characteristics to show how your hospitality project stands out from the rest. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality revenue-generating imagery thanks to our experienced team of hotel stylists and hospitality photographers. These images in turn will considerably upgrade your website, and boost online bookings for your property.
    Visual storytelling

    Editorial Photography

    Visual storytelling

    Editorial Photography

    When creating editorial photography, we work directly with photo editors and magazine art-directors. We envision a unique visual story to accompany the article and translate that into a shot list. Together with an interior stylist we create the perfect mood, meeting the expectations of the magazine’s brief. Our editorial work includes regular contributions to leading interior design magazines such as Wonen Landelijke Stijl, Stijlvol Wonen, Sunday Times Style Magazine, ELLE DECOR, IDEAT, NEST, Feeling Wonen,..
    Visualising your creation

    Interior photography for Interior architects.

    Visualising your creation

    Interior photography for Interior architects.

    Are you an interior architect looking to showcase your latest creation? Or perhaps you are looking to increase the likelihood of an editorial feature of your work? Our team of interior photographers is here to translate your hard work and scrupulous attention to detail into high-end images. Our interior photoshoots are led by experienced professionals and have proven to be a valuable asset to our clients.

    Talk to David,
    our interior expert.

    david dumon

    David Dumon

    Interior designer
    +32 477 999 366
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