Whether it’s for your brand or a private residence, our aim is simple, to create a soulful style for your interior project.
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    Cartière – Office Design

    Interior design and styling for Cartière, a recruitment company connecting IT professionals. We were approached by the owners to create a functional but homey office space. Attracting employee talent is the holy grail for creating home-inspired office designs, we both couldn’t agree more on that. As a result we took care of the full project, from the initial space planning and mood board validation to the selection/purchasing of materials and furniture. Our aim was to deliver a soulful and inviting workspace where employees and clients feel at home. We obtained this by integrating residential design elements like an overstuffed sofa, a fully equipped kitchen, carpets, informal lighting, curtains, communal dining tables,… 

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    The initial concept in 3D.
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